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hiiiissssssssss. I'm Callie. I was the First Cat here and should still be the Only Cat. However, mom, for some reason, doesn't seem to agree with me. As a result, I have a sisfur, Chloe and THREE broffurs, Maxwell, Duncan, and now Jack. (No need to go check out their pages. You can stay right here with me. My page is better, anyway.) My favorite activities are sitting near the baffroom sink watching the water run, watching the birdies outside the window, and picking on any kitty whut gets in my space (and EVERYWHERE is my space). Did I mention that pest of a brother of mine, Duncan? He's furevfur getting in mine face and messing with me! I think he's just jealous. Every time I sit on mom's chest (I don't do laps) and get attention, he comes running at breakneck speed to join us. And every time she skritchies mine face, he skoootches closer to her. See? I told you. Jealous, he is.


  Food, glorious food!

Callie in the Window Some folks may say I'm, but I think I'm purrfect just as I am! Mom says it all happened in late '95 when I fell off thuh entertainment center. But it wasn't mine fault! She put some newspapers on one of thuh speakers next to thuh thing and I wuz jumping down and landed onna edge of thuh papers instead of on thuh speaker. So I hit thuh floor rilly hard on one back leg and dislocated mine sacroiliac joint. (That's thuh hip.) I had to spend a month inna cage. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Anyway, mom says she felt sorry for me (sssnicker), so she didn't cut back on mine food and, a month later, when I got sprung from prison, I was a little heavier than when I went in. er...and then I just kept on growing. ssnicker, we're all eating diet food (which is pretty good, actually), but I'm winning this battle. (heh heh heh) No weight's off yet! (And this, after a couple years on diet food.) Mom renewed her efforts last year when I was having some problems with mine knees. I lost a pound or so, but that was about it. She keeps threatening me with a kitty treadmill. Yeah, right. Just because mine knees were popping in and out of their joints last year (which was quite painful, by thuh way) and TED ("Thuh Evil Doctor" aka thuh vet) said it was mine weight causing it, she thinks I should be in better shape. I tell her to grab a mirror. I ask I *look* like I care?!



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