January 24, 2000
More on thuh Eyes

Well, mom dragged me in to see TED (rememfur, he's Thuh Evil Doctor, aka vet) this morning. He put stuff in mine eye and it turned GREEN! That means it has an ulcer. sigh. But I'm already feeling better than I did yesterday so thuh stuff mom's putting in 'em must be working. But since there's an ulcer, she's gonna be chasing me down even more often and putting TWO different gunky stuffs in mine eye for days 'n days. (One's the regular antibiotic stuff and the other is an ointment that helps soothe thuh surface of mine eye, or so they say.) Ah well...but it'll be better again soon! I know it will! Later....

Posted by Maxwell at January 24, 2000 11:47 AM


Posted by: zhuanggii on February 6, 2003 09:00 AM
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