January 05, 2003
Happy Noo Yeers!

Hi Hi Hi!!! Yes, it's been anuffer longlonglong time since mom's let me come and post. But, rilly, life's been going pretty well for allofus, so we sort of get lackadai .. um... lackadays ... um.... laidback about things and forget to update folks on things. Anyway, let's see? What's going on with us? Well....

Right now, it's our babycat Jack that's having issues. Last Monday evening, mom noticed he had a furrowed brow kinda look going on so she kept staring at him till she figured it out. He hadda lump on his head, right above his nose and between his eyes. He already has a bumpetty nose whut he came here with. The TEDs (The Evil Doctors) fink that he got bit onna nose or somefing when he was a tiny babycat and it healed funny and made scar tissue. He looks like he's been inna fight, if yoo ask me. Anyway, this lump that mom saw was new. So, the next day, Noo Yeer's Eve, mom called TED's office and asked about it. They said to bring him in because they were closing up at noon.

So mom took he-who-turns-into-the-demon-cat-from-hell to TED's and, sure enough, he hadda abscess. TED Scott drained it, but said it was encapsu...incaps... inna capsule sorta thingy. And he said those come back a lot. He sent Jack home on Auntie Biotics but told mom iffn the abscess came back, they'd haffta cut it out. Well, they hadn't been home furry long that furry same day when it filled right back up again. So, on Friday, Jack had to go back and they cut the fing out. He's home again, with stitches, and doing finefine, if his eating all mine food is anyfing to go by. The stitches will come out next Monday. If he doesn't take them out hisownself before then. heh heh

I think I heard mom say that Chloe's due for her shots. uh oh. That's rilly gotta have her worried. I don't fink I told the story before, but last yeer, in April, right about thuh time of Mom's purrday, Chloe had lotsa mats. So, mom decided to take her to TED so they could knock her out and mom could groom her. er. Well. Mom wasn't too bright. She ended up trying to chase Chloe around thuh room and Chloe's a wildshy kitty. She finally caught her but Chloe was scared to death and she bit Mom. It was self-defense! It was! But, anyway, Mom ended up in the hoomin emergency room (twice!) and had to take lotsa Auntie Biotics herownself.

Duncan's finefine....got ovfur his sicky spell and hasn't had anymore problems atall. Well, unless yoo count his nervussness when Mom opens thuh pill bottle fur Jack's pills. Duncan disappears.

And Callie....well, Callie's Callie. I overheard Mom say she's going to try a different diet approach wif Callie. uh oh. Callie's going to be inna badbad mood, I fink. er. Not that any of us has evfur seen her in a good mood, yoo understand....

Then, there's me. There's rilly not much to report. I saw TED for mine shots a couple months ago, and he was sootably impressed wif mine health and appeerance. I'll be 8 yeers old in a couple of weeks, too! Mine eyes are purrmanently constricted, but they're doing goodgood!

I'll make a Noo Yeer's resolution to do better about keeping up mine journal this yeer. [turns and glares at his secretary, thuh hoomin]

Posted by Maxwell at 08:22 PM