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Hi! Hi! I'm Maxwell! When I was a babycat, someone decided they didn't want me, so I had to wander around in thuh Out, looking for a new home. I found a house with a nice porch and other kitties, but there were d*gs there, too, and they liked to play a little rough for a babycat. Those hoomins were nice but we all decided that that wasn't my OneTrooHome. Then, one day, my mom came to thuh house and took me away from there. She brought me home where I met my big sisfur, Callie. She's kinda grumpy, but that's just her way. I had a wunnerful broffur for a year anna half named Maxwell and his beanie twin Dexter who went to thuh Rainbow Bridge onna Fourth of July 1998. He was my bestest buddy but I also have a little sisfur Chloe who I love furry much! She follows me around and we sleep curled up together all thuh time. And I have a son! I adopted Duncan in thuh fall of '98 (when mom brought him to our house) and I'm furry proud of him! He is a little, but we keep thinking he'll eventually grow out of it, although there's no sign of that yet. He sort of likes to play rough. He's purroud of thuh fact that he taught me to hiss. I nevfur did that befur I met him. sigh. And, then, last year, we got another addition to our household. Jackson joined us a little ovfur a year ago. Yoo'll want to read his story of how he came to find us. I'm a member of the Comeback Kitties (and my broffur Dexter was too). Our stories of our lives before finding our OneTrooHome are on that page.

I'm the lapkitty of the family. Mom spends most of her time in front of thuh computer, so I finally figured I'd just as well join her. So we spend lots of time here together, with her trying to find the keyboard under mine furz. If you'd like to find out a little bit more about me and the problems I have to deal with, check out my Feline Leukemia page for the story of my battle with this nasty awful disease. I'm doing really great, though! The only problem I have is with mine eyes, and they seem to be better the past couple of years. You can also read my diary of a Feline Leukemia Positve Cat but be warned.....I can't get mom to play secatary for me often enough to keep it really updated very well.



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