March 01, 2000
Reporting in again...

sssigh. Mom's so busy lately she hasn't had time to take notes fur me. Howevfur, Sunday night, she looked at me and said sumfing about mine left pupil being one size and mine right pupil being another size. Left one was big and right one was small. But I was feeling finefine and was playing and wasn't squinty eyed so she couldn't figure out which eye was gonna be sick. Well, come Monday morning, it was mine left eye (thuh one whut was big) that wuz all squinty. ssigh. So we're going through thuh stoopid drops inna eye routine again. I'm not feeling nearly so bad as sometimes, though...I'm still eating and playing, so it's not tootoo bad this time! Anyway, I'll try to do better about keeping yoo all updated inna good times too, but mom sez she's gonna be busybusy ovfur thuh next month so mine updates might haffta wait. We'll see. More later....

Posted by Maxwell at March 01, 2000 11:52 AM
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