March 31, 2000
Belated Update

Wow. When I said mom was busy and wouldn't get around to updating mine diary for me, I didn't think it'd take her *this* long. She's still furry busy but I convinced her to take a few minutes to jot a note or two for me. My eye was kinda sore for a couple of weeks, but it wasn't nearly as badbad as it is sometimes. Finally, though, we got it knocked out. Inna meantime, there *is* justice in this world. Mom's had an eye infection, too, so she's had to put drops in *her* eyes! Only thing that'd be better would be if I got to hold *her* down and put thuh drops in her eyes. Oh well...can't have evfurrything in life, I guess. Seems otherwise life is finefine. Spring is here and burdies are building nests outside our windows. There's a mousie on thuh back porch whut steals birdseed. Now. If we could just get out there with that mousie....

Well, gotta run! Hopefully, I can drag mom back to update mine journal more often inna future.

Posted by Maxwell at March 31, 2000 11:53 AM
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