June 08, 2000
All Mom's Fault

sssigh. Well, it's all mom's fault. Well, Callie's too, I suppose. Yoo see....Callie's hadda bladder infekshun fur a few weeks now. Mom took her to TED (Thuh Evil Doctor) and got her some Aunti Biotiks to take. Well, she took alla those Auntis and she wuz still using thuh bedroom corner fur a litter box so mom took her back to see TED again. She got a different Aunti Biotik that time but she and that Aunti din't get along. That Aunti made Callie hurk, so then she got yet anuffer Aunti Biotik, thuh one she's on now and hassta take fur two bottles' worth. Anyway....I figure, iffn it smells like a litterbox, it must be one, so I used Callie's corner spot fur mine own litterbox ovfur last weekend. Now mom hadda piece of plastic down anna towel on toppa that, and it was furry nice and comfy fur a kitty, if yoo know whut I mean. But mom, thuh obsessive worrywart, thought I must be sick too, so she hauled ME off to see TED on Monday "just in case". ACK! He said I wuz purrfektly fine but he gave me an Aunti Biotik too "just in case". Whut's wif this "just in case" bizness, anyway??? He said it wuz cause he stressed me. Of course he stressed me! He's a TED! Anyway, mine Aunti obviously din't do her job, cuz yesterday, mine eyez boff got ulcers on 'em. One's badbad and thuh other one's not quite so bad. But thuh badbad one rilly rilly hurts lots and is all goopy and runny. Mom almost took me back to TED yet again (sumfing about me hiding inna covered litterbox last night) but I wuz feeling a liddle better this morning, so I gotta reprieve! No more trips to TED fur awhile. But we're doing alla junk inna eye routine again till mine eyes feel all bedder. I'm out and about tonight and more interested in whut's going on around me, so I'm on thuh mend again. Well, gotta go take anuffer nappie....this eye bizness wears a kitty out.

Posted by Maxwell at June 08, 2000 11:56 AM

Ha ha - thuh evil doctor?!

Posted by: Danae on July 11, 2003 10:28 PM
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