October 23, 2000
Did ya miss me?

Well, again, mine mom has let waaaaay too much time pass between mine journal entries. Fur thuh most part, I've been doing pretty well. However, about three or four weeks ago, I had another ulcer. This one was different, though. It wasn't furry big in diameter but it was deep. Usually, mine are large but shallow. So this one, because it was deep, was harder to heal. So I had to go see TED again. sssigh. It seems mine usual auntie biotik (antibiotic) wasn't doing thuh trick this time. We don't know yet if it's because mine body has become used to that one or if it was just that purrticular ulcer. But mom had to go to the hoomin pharmacy and get me a different auntie biotik. This was was called Tobramycin. The other auntie was named Gentamycin. But we had to be careful to find one with no steroids in it because they do badbad things to eye ulcers. But within a few days on the new auntie biotik, mine eye felt much better! Oh! And mom found me some "happy pills", too! The new TED at thuh TED place gave her a few for me a couple months ago but she never game them to me because he scared her so bad about how strong they were and how they'd knock me out. Ha! They din't knock me out atall! She gave me one because I was hurting so bad and it made me feel soooo much better....like a cat again. They're called Torbutrol and mom made sure to get some more fur thuh next time I hurt so bad I hide in thuh litterbox. (I don't do that furry often, but sometime a guy's just gotta find a quiet place when he doesn't feel good, ya know?) Anyway, for now, everything's cool. I'm fine, mine eyes are fine, and evfurryone's mostly getting along. Well, as well as they evfur do, anyway. I tend to get along wif all of em, but alla thuh rest of em seem to haff interpurrsonal problems. I'll just leave them to 'em and go on about my day.

Posted by Maxwell at October 23, 2000 11:58 AM
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