June 23, 2002
New Journal...New Report

Well, it's been a long time, but at least not quite so long as before. I could promise to do better, but yoo wouldn't believe me, would yoo? Last time, I told yoo mom was trying to find a better way to update mine journal for me because the old one didn't work right. Sooo...it took her awhile, but here 'tis. We hope yoo like it.

Meanwhile...let's see...what's been happening at our house? Well, we have a new babycat! His name is Jackson and yoo can meet him here.

Jack found his way to our house from inside mom's car engine. He's been here with us for about 3 weeks now and is settling in pretty well. He's a typical babycat...into evfurrything!

This weekend, Duncan is spending some time at the exclusive ClubTED resort (aka the vet's office). Last week, somecat started peeing in the corner, so mom thought somebody had a bladder infection. She decided Callie was the likely culprit so she was all set to take Callie to see TED (Thuh Evil Doctor, aka veterinarian). But...some cat peed in the corner while Callie was still onna bed. Mom was inna other room so she din't see the culprit but she knew it wasn't Callie. So, THEN, she thought she was gonna take ME! Ack! But I was finefine and acted okay. Howevfur, she'd noticed thuh night befur that Duncan didn't act like he felt good. Then, that morning, before she snagged me, she decided to fix breakfast fur us. Duncan didn't come to eat! This is unheard of in our house. He thinks she can't open a can of catfood wifout his assistance! Sooo...Duncan won thuh prize and got to go see TED.

Turns out he didn't have a bladder infection like we thought. (And mom has nevfur solved thuh case of thuh mystery pee-er, either. It's stopped now and we certainly aren't gonna offer any clues.) But, he hadda fever and his platelet count was low. TED thinks he has hemobart, which is a sort of anemia whut cats can get from fleas and thuh like. Mom told him we don't haff any fleas. He said evfurry home wif pets has at least one wander through at some point. We haffn't evfur seen that flea iffn he did. Anyway, Duncan came home wif some Aunti Biotiks and some vitamin stuff.

Apparently, thuh Aunti Biotik (doxycycline) can sometimes make a kitty sick. Dun stopped eating and when he tried to eat, he hurked. After a couple days of this, on Friday, mom took him back to see TED again because she was worried about his hurking and not eating. TED thinks it's thuh Aunti Biotik and wanted to keep him ovfur thuh weekend so they could give him Aunti Biotiks by shot and try to make him want to eat again.

So...things are a little strange around thuh house this weekend without Duncan here. Mom's trying to stay busy so she won't obsess, and Callie and Chloe are celebrating because he's always picking on them. Poor Jack has been confused because he and Dunny had just started to become rilly good frenz and playmates. Then Duncan started feeling bad and started growling and whapping at Jackson evfurry time he wanted to play. Hopefully, he'll start feeling betterer soon and be back to himself.

So, that's pretty much fings around our house right now.

Posted by Maxwell at June 23, 2002 12:18 PM

This is a delightful web site. It is so nice to see one that is constantly updated. A lot of the sites I have visited are old and some pages unavailable. Keep up the good work.

Posted by: Carolyn on September 1, 2002 12:11 PM

You made your cat a diary?!

Posted by: me on December 5, 2002 09:05 AM
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