June 29, 2002
Duncan Update

For those who might be worried about mine broffur Duncan because of mine last message, he's doing much much betterer now! He spent last weekend at Chez TED and got to come home Monday evening. He was rilly rilly grouchy when he came home, but he is even if he just spends a few minutes at TED's (so yoo can imagine how much worse after sevfural DAYS). He's onna different Anti Biotic this time and, though he duzzent like it purrticularly, it isn't making him sick. He's back to eating evfurrything in site but purrsonally I fink he's just competing with Jack, afraid Jackson is getting something good that he's missing out on. He's furry competitive, yoo know. He's also been hateful toward Jack all week long but finally last night he started playing wif Jack again. whew! Jack was wearing me out...it's nice to share thuh responsibility!

Anyway...as for me, I'm finefine and so is evfurryother cat in thuh house. 'Tis just another quiet day in thuh MooreCat household.

Posted by Maxwell at June 29, 2002 09:57 AM

Whew, gee Maxwell.

fank yu furry mush fur thuh Dunkin update - I am glad he is feline betta now ... purrs to yu orl.

Posted by: Harriet on July 1, 2002 01:17 PM
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