January 24, 2000
More on thuh Eyes

Well, mom dragged me in to see TED (rememfur, he's Thuh Evil Doctor, aka vet) this morning. He put stuff in mine eye and it turned GREEN! That means it has an ulcer. sigh. But I'm already feeling better than I did yesterday so thuh stuff mom's putting in 'em must be working. But since there's an ulcer, she's gonna be chasing me down even more often and putting TWO different gunky stuffs in mine eye for days 'n days. (One's the regular antibiotic stuff and the other is an ointment that helps soothe thuh surface of mine eye, or so they say.) Ah well...but it'll be better again soon! I know it will! Later....

Posted by Maxwell at 11:47 AM
January 23, 2000
sssigh...I spoke too soon

Well, I should've known better than to celebrate no eye problems....mom noticed last night that mine right pupil was about twice the size of mine left, and I was a bit squinty eyed. Soooo....she put thuh icky cold Aunti Biotik drops in mine eye...guess we'll be doing that for awhile again. Today, mine pupil is mostly back to normal in size, but it's doing that spasm thingy, with thuh size going small then large then small and so on. It's rilly kinda weird. I hope we caught this one fast enuff to get it knocked out without a trip to EyeTED. (TED, for thuh uninformed hoomin, is Thuh Evil Doctor, known to hoomins as vets.) More later..

Posted by Maxwell at 11:46 AM
January 20, 2000
It's My Purrday!

Today's my 5th Purrday! (That's birthday for those hoomins who don't understand meowchat. Today is my fifth purrday! They say most kities who have had feline leukemia since they were babycats don't make it to age 2. So, evfurry year since then, mom and I celebrate with special joy my purrdays. And today I turned 5. Well, I don't rilly remember my exact purrday but this is thuh day that mom and I agreed to celebrate it on. It's gotta be close cause I was 10 or 12 weeks old when I came to live with mom and Callie five years ago on April 2 (my mom's purrday!). Anyway, it's been a wunnerful five years and I hope to have that many more and then some! And I'm also celebrating today because it's been almost 2 months since mine eyes have been inflamed and painful! I think it's a new record!

Well, I've gotta go but I'll write more later...

Posted by Maxwell at 12:00 PM