May 28, 2000
Checking In

Well, itz been a longlong time since I've been able to convince mine mom to play secatary fur me and add to mine journal. I'm sorry fur thuh long delay, but rilly, life's been kinda boring fur thuh past couple of months. I've been feeling pretty good, wif just a few minor short lived eye prollems, nuffin' to write home about. Mom's been kinda bizzy, but so whut else is new? Callie's been thuh one gettin' all thuh attenshun lately, whut wif her havin' a bladder infekshun and peein' in this corner and that of thuh house. She was supposedly onna right medicine but it duzzent seem to be workin' so she gets to go see TED (Thuh Evil Doctor) again next week. (sshhhh!!! Don't tell her!!) heeheehee! Anyway, I think I heard a rumor I might be visiting one TED or another next week mineownself. ssigh. Just cuz mine pupils are bigger than normal and don't get little when mom shines a light in 'em. sheeesh. She's sooo picky. They don't hurt and I feel fine. She just obsesses about me, I think. Anyway, she's not sure iffn she's gonna call regular TED or EyeTED but I'd just as soon she din't do either one. I'll let ya know how it goes. I won't be two months befur mine next note. I'll drag mom here, kicking and screaming, iffn I haff to. But, she's gotta go outta town next week so it might be a few days befur I do get back to update mine journal, so hang wif me, and I'll let ya know.

Posted by Maxwell at 11:55 AM