February 20, 2001
Things Going Better

Well, once again, mine mom has kept me away from mine diary fur muchmuch longer than is acceptable. I would trade her in fur a noo mom, but I'm not sure I'd get one any better, so I guess I'll keep this one. (Good hoomins are hard to train, yoo know.) Anyway, just wanted to report in and let yoo know I'm doing rilly well. I almost had a eye prollem about a week or so ago, but mom noticed it rilly fast and started putting goop in mine eyes right away. And, this time, I nevfur got beyond the "almost squinty" stage. Yay! I'm furry glad to have positive things to report. Rilly, ovfurall, I think thuh past year has been a rilly good one. And mom and I are celebrating because I'm SIX now! We din't think I'd make it past two, so we celebrate each year extra special. Mom sez I'm becoming more and more a lapkitty....makes us both happy. >:< Guess that's all for now! I rilly will try to drag her back here sooner rather than later next time!

Posted by Maxwell at 11:59 AM