January 12, 2002
Ack! It's been Forever!

I can't believe it's been sosososo long since I was able to drag mine mom out here to write for me. (If only I had opposable thumbs, I cud do it fur mineself.) I really am going to have to fire her, I think. Anyway...there really hasn't been a whole lot to say, because I've been doing pretty good, all things considered. I had a problem wif mine eyes just befur Christmas, but we got it under control pretty fast. Mom's getting better at figuring out I'm having a problem and starts putting goop in mine eyes faster, so I get better faster. (Not always, but usually.) We went to see Eye TED (the vet eye doctor) a couple months back, just because mom thought I should. ssigh. Nothing new there....he doesn't know why I have ulcers, he doesn't know why mine pupils don't dilate or change size. So, mom says we'll just keep doing whut we're doing. Seems to work for us. I promise I'll try to make mom do a better job of keeping up my diary this year. It can be mine new year's resolution. She's trying to find a better way to update this page so maybe she'll come out here and type for me more often. Anyway....that's all for now!

Posted by Maxwell at 12:00 PM