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   Allie Cat and Oops Kitty
   Alpha and Beta
   Apu and Sanjay
   artemis and apollo
   Ayla and Jondalar
   Barnie & Fred
   Bernard & Fergie
   bonnie and clyde
   Boogers, cry baby, mo,hawk,tig,mouse
   Bugs and Babs
   Calvin and Hobbes
   Chloe and Zoey
   Cognac and Brandy
   Daisy & Rose
   Fred and Ginger
   Gordon and Lightfoot
   Hunky & Dory
   Isis & Osiris
   Jesse & James
   Jo & Luis
   Jonah and Whale
   Julius & Ceasar
   Julius and Ethel
   Kama & Sutra
   Kitty Witty and Kitty Wumpa
   Kyou & Kagura
   Lil' Boy and Lil' Girl
   Logan and Rogue
   Lucy & Desi
   Lucy and Desi
   Luke & Leia
   Magic and Merlin
   Mango & Kiwi
   Massey & Ferguson
   Mingo and Poppy
   Moet and Chandon
   Naomi and Winona
   Nefertiti and Akhenaten
   Nitro and Turbo
   Oops, kitty and Allie Kat
   Peaches & Patches
   Pica and Boo
   Ping and Pong (two Siamese cats)

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